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How Is The State Of Haryana Handling The Increased Cases Of Cybercrimes?

Digitalization has reached its peak. Every element of daily life revolves around the internet, and data theft by cybercriminals is on the rise. Cybercrimes are becoming more prevalent across India.

The Haryana Police revealed through this series of events that the nation’s cybercrime rate had climbed.

An official from the government claims that from January to June of this year, the Haryana Police stopped approximately seven crores from being transferred into accounts of fraudsters.

In Haryana, reports of cyberattacks have increased in recent years. During the first half of this year, almost 1,010 cases have been reported, compared to a total of 366 in all of 2019.

How Is The State Dealing for Cybercrimes?

The police say they are developing many strategies to combat cybercrimes. According to OP Singh, Additional Director General of Police, State Crime Branch, more than 1,000 police officers have been assigned to 309 cyber office desks and 29 police stations currently in a step to fight cybercriminals. 

There is a helpline number “1930” for the public so that they can use it to report any complaints about cybercrimes to the police. Then, the police take the necessary action to resolve the situation.


A representative from the State Crime Branch stated that the police reported 366 cyber occurrences in 2019, 676 in 2020, 670 in 2021, and nearly 1010 in the first half of 2022.


According to OP Singh, the police are educating their staff in cyber crime investigation due to the rise in cybercrimes reports over the past several years.

OP Singh claims that his goal is to set up a cyber desk at each station house. He states that every district area and range headquarters should have a cyber police station.

Cyber Safe India

The State Crime Branch is developing “Cyber Safe India,” a program to educate individuals about cyber defense.

According to the senior police official, the program will mainly target the Head Boys and Girls of educational institutes around the state. Additionally, the program seeks to educate students about career options in cybersecurity.

According to OP Singh, the program will occasionally administer online multiple-choice exams, identifying people who score highly as Cyber-veers.

It will provide students with an internship in the cyber forensics lab and offer them to gain experience in cyber police stations.

Bottom Line

The human brain is the most susceptible to hacking. The most popular method of hacking operation is social engineering. It involves misleading people with snide remarks and several other techniques to obtain their personal information and data. 

The spokesman says that to stay safe online, one should be knowledgeable, practice good cyber hygiene, and approach the internet with a healthy dose of skepticism. These guidelines include not clicking when uncertain, withholding personal information when doubtful, and calling the cybercrime hotline at 1930 as soon as one has been a victim.

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