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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Managed Detection and Response As A Component Of Your Security Approach

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) goes by a variety of names like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or even (XDR). The technologies may vary a bit. However, the common denominator is that managed detection and response will help your company with proactive threat detection and response.

The Managed Detection and Response service will provide you to rectify any issues that we find during the detection process. MDR is an outsourced managed security service that offers advanced protection on endpoint hosts.

Furthermore, Managed Detection and Response service provides more advanced and deeper detection plus the ability to stop malware ware in its track. Typically, Managed Detection and Response uses machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for deeper Security analysis.

Our managed SOC (Security Operations Service) aggregates data from your security appliance servers and databases to correlate malicious behavior. We use machine analytics powered by the best available technology to detect threats.

Why Opt for Managed Detection and Response Service from Rogue Logics?

Our analysts constantly investigate qualified alerts to deliver detailed incident analysis and actionable recommendations. Moreover, this approach cuts out the noise and ensures that we only advise you of real incidents that represent actual risks to your enterprise.

Our skilled human resources drive the technology and deliver continuous analysis day in and day out. Few companies have the resources or the budget to buy the tech, recruit the staff, and operate the SOC in-house. Our customer risks and threats are specific to them.

We know that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. That is why we work hard to tune in and customize our detection use cases to our customer environments. This collaborative approach allows us to build relationships with our customers so that when we do detect an incident, we can help them respond and coordinate to contain the threat, isolate the infected host or block the bad actor.

Our managed SOC service provides hunting and detection, and response with

Hundreds of security use cases.
Machine-learned behavioral analytics.
24-by-7 detection and response.
Access to customer incident management platform.
All of these services are delivered from our data centers and SOC worldwide.

Key Features of our Managed Detection and Response Service

Connections are very crucial when it comes to life. Today, we are more connected than ever, but this has made us more vulnerable. To stay protected, you need to be constantly on guard. We created Managed Detection Response service to mitigate cyber attacks by reducing the time to detect and respond to threats.

Our security research team is supported by machine learning threat intelligence and security investigators. We monitor and respond to security incidents protecting organizations from the stability of retail, security of finance, and also the privacy of healthcare.

Our Managed Detection and Response Service is enrapt in detecting known, unknown, and targeted hazards and threats efficiently and responding to diminish threats before they can cause any harm enterprise.

Our modern detection capability is fueled by

Active defense (Based on automated response.)
Threat intelligence (Help in automation of threat detection process)
User behavioral Analytics (Plays a critical role in detecting insider threats.)
Threat Hunting. (To detect targeted and unknown threats.)

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

Managed Detection and Response is one the fastest growing area in cyber security at the moment for good reasons. As MDR provides organizations with multiple capabilities that are critical in defending their enterprise:

  • The ability to detect attacks when there happening
  • The ability to respond to them.

Without these two things, everything else you may have put in place is almost dim to fail. The Managed Detection and Response we built at Rogue Logics have a lot of benefits that can help customers to achieve all the goals and objectives they want.

Through our prevention technologies, we manage to block the majority of threats. That is why our Managed Detection and Response team can focus first on the most sophisticated threats. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the cost of operations.

Our Investigation Team

Rogue Logics has a dedicated investigations team that globally follows all the primary threat actors. We also have infiltrated several hacker forums and monitored them to see what their current status is and the plans they have.

Whenever we investigate a security incident, we try to imagine all the possible implications so we can come up with protection scenarios to protect our customers. Rogue Logics Managed Detection and Response service leverages successful prevention and detection technologies, advanced threat intelligence combined with threat hunting expertise of highly skilled security analysts.

Featured Services

At Rogue Logics, the Managed Detection and Response services are

  1. Real-time security event management and analysis.
  2. Security incident response.
  3. Vulnerability assessments.
  4. Remote incident investigation and response.
  5. Malware analysis.
  6. Log management and storage.

Our MDR service is dispatched through a cloud-based Security Operations Center (SOC), eradicating the need for sinking your money into costly hardware. Compliance policies, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI), can be implemented using different security controls and practices.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its services.

1. Real-time Security Event Management and Analysis

The overarching principle of security event management is to collect relevant data from sources, identify deviations from the norm, and take appropriate action. Our security event management system will log additional information. We will generate an alert and instruct other security controls to stop an activity’s progress if a potential issue is detected.

2. Security Incident Response

An incident response team is a term used for a group of IT specialists within an enterprise who is in charge of preparing for and reacting to any emergency that might arise.

At Rogue Logics, our IT professionals are from different backgrounds and roles with various technical skills. We ensure that our team is set and well-prepared for a wide range of security incidents, such as breaches or cyber-attacks.

Our security incident response team consists of

  • CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)
  • CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)
  • SOC (Security Operation Center)

3. Vulnerability Assessments

Cyber attacks happen so fast one wrong website visit can infect your entire network. Anything you can do proactively to secure your network is better than being reacted to the damage of an attack. A breach can leave you helpless, unable to operate your company, stressed financially, and dealing with the repercussions of a damaged reputation.

At Rogue Logics, we offer this valuable service to all business owners. Our vulnerability assessments service is a complete internal and external network scan that includes

  • Firewalls
  • Remote connection
  • Network devices

The result of the vulnerability assessment will reveal all the weakest points to fix the problems before your business becomes a victim of a harmful attack. Let us keep your business operating most securely.

4. Remote Incident Investigation and Response

When a cyber-attack occurs, you must act quickly. So that’s why we offer a comprehensive incident response service to help you remediate and get your business up and running as fastly as possible to prevent loss.

The everyday business of all sizes gets breached, whether the records breached are credentials, employee information, customer data, or health records. Their loss can have a tremendous impact on your business.

When a breach or an incident occurs, you need highly trained security experts to advise you to contain the damage and remediate the problem. Our trained security professionals will use a holistic approach to help you get back and running through containment, eradication, and recovery.

The value of Rogue Logics MDR for an existing SOC

Organisations that are already operating a SOC can benefit from the MDR service in several ways:

  1. The MDR service can help catch security incidents that the SOC may be missing due to technology limitations e.g. limited Big Data, machine learning and analytics capabilities or lack of security staff bandwidth
  2. Security teams sometimes choose not to collect certain classes of high volume security data due to the high price tag associated with data volume-based licensing schemes in certain security products. The MDR service can be utilised to process this data cost-effectively

Security Operation

Managed Detection and Response is all about security operation, and the security operation is the people. What you’re paying for is the expertise that lives and breathes this problem on a 24/7 basis that can deliver the outcome that you want.

Most enterprises have paid for a technology stack, and they’re getting the telemetry. They may also be getting alerts, but they don’t have the resources or expertise to look at those alerts, classify them, and investigate them appropriately.

So Managed Detection and Response is not only a service that provides 24/7 surveys. It also brings the technology stack needed to do the correlations and obtain the expertise to ingest all of that information to investigate appropriately. It responds when something worst is happening.

What would happen if your business encounters any cyber event? What would happen if you lose your customer’s information? Managed Detection and Response is a way for customers to reduce the risk profile they’re worried about to an acceptable level, right at a price they can afford.

We see daily in the news now that companies of all different sizes and shapes are encountering breaches and attacks. Sometimes for their data and sometimes because of relationships, they may have with other organizations. The ability to defend yourself and to detect and respond to cyber attacks as they happen 24 hours a day is critically important, no matter how big the organization is.

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Managed detection and response service forms the backbone of an organization’s security posture. Rogue Logics provides a Managed SOC service through which continuous monitoring, vulnerability management, and incident handling are provided. These services are centered around a SIEM. The MDR service goes beyond this to provide enhanced detection of security compromises and quicker response through a high degree of response automation.

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