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Security Architecture Consulting Services

The stakes are high to secure your architecture against vulnerabilities. Our decades of operational intelligence will uniquely protect your enterprise and fortify your security system

Safety & Security
Safety and security are the most crucial factors for all small and medium businesses globally. Rogue Logics provides security consulting services with highly trained security consultants that will comprehend the difficulties of establishing a secure environment within your company. The security risk assessments of Rogue Logics are designed to mitigate the risk associated with the client’s business activities. Our security architecture consulting services offer you consulting services for tailoring, enhancing, and operating your security solutions.
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Security Architecture Consulting

Unlike security assessments, when we talk security consulting concerning policy procedure, we sit down with decision-makers of the enterprise – the process holders, the data owners of an organization – and we understand their policy documentation, procedural documentation, and processes in the organization.

Rogue logics security consulting service provider will look into your company’s vision in order to understand where you want to be, and align them with the policies, procedures, and best practices that will help to move your company forward.

We essentially build our clients a documentation roadmap and help them have the best practice procedures and policies in place.

Our Strength Comes From Listening Carefully

Today, businesses raise their dependence on information technology such as Cloud and IoT devices. Their cyber risk continues to rise. A vulnerability program can help identify weaknesses before they become problems.

95% of all cyber-attacks exploit known vulnerabilities, and with 15000 new vulnerabilities discovered each year, constant vigilance is necessary to evaluate IT security posture and weaknesses to appropriately respond.

Best Assistance

The ever-changing landscape of regulations can be overwhelming, especially for Healthcare. We help you navigate complex compliance requirements and ensure adherence.

Expert Supervision

Relying on third-party vendors introduces additional security risks. Our expertise helps you assess vendor security posture and mitigate potential threats.

Solution-Oriented Business

Healthcare often deals with highly sensitive data. We offer robust data security solutions to protect patient information, financial records, and other critical assets.

Policy and Compliance

Advances in technology have changed. The way we live and do business is not the same as before. Our world is more connected than ever as this brings opportunities and benefits. However, simultaneously, it also comes with risks. Cybercrime can happen anytime or place. We live in an era of cyber insecurity, and attacks are common via malware, viruses, or hacking.

Our security consulting services regulate 360-degree assessments of your current security plans and architecture and carry out continuous improvements.

Some of our security consulting services that will optimize protection and increase compliance:

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments
Our vulnerability assessments will evaluate your system, databases, application, and network. Our risk assessment service will create an action plan to improve security and privacy. Your security posture improves as your cyber security risks are low.
Security technology assurance
Our security consulting service will also learn about the risk and susceptibility of your system. It will also tell how best to counter while staying compliant with data security and privacy standards and regulations.
Penetration testing and red teaming
Our services will provide you with a robust vulnerability assessment program, which identifies and quantifies the security weaknesses, including your application software, hardware, and network. The assessments conducted by our security consultant will provide you with a clean-clear report of what in your company environment needs attention.
Review of policies, controls, and processes
Exceptionally, vulnerability assessments provide a list of prioritized vulnerabilities by system software and other crucial details. This report serves as a to-do list for IT security to improve your firm’s security posture by closing gaps attackers could exploit one by one system to reduce system issues.
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Security Technology Assurance

Communication devices are the basis of the communications infrastructure of modern society. The supply chain in an organization comprises many businesses, from design to operations. For this reason, technology security risks are increasing.

Our trained consultants use different approaches that will ensure transparency throughout the supply chain by visualizing and sharing its configuration and risk profile to address these security issues,

Our security consulting service will generate device information at the shipping stage. The generated details are shared throughout the logistics via a sharing infrastructure. With our hands-on approach, we can make holistic recommendations to achieve short and long-term strategic objectives.

At Rogue Logics, we will become your partner in creating optimal performance and ensuring secured solutions, systems, databases, networks, and applications.

Policy Reviewing Control And Processes

If you’re in financial services or another regulated industry, policy reviewing and management will likely play a vital role in your business. With constantly changing regulations, a growing number of vendors acting on your behalf, and more customer-facing documents than ever, it is challenging to stay on top of it.

Rogue Logics offers a highly flexible and scalable solution that provides a comprehensive framework for managing the policies and procedures across their entire life cycle in your business. It provides controls establishing one simple standard system for

Administering policy life cycles
Certifying communications
Assessing performance
Managing expectations and issues
Importance of Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures define your business and its priorities. Some are required by law, others by your operations. Each one is important, and we should manage it carefully. Policies should be centralized, automated, and integrated into a comprehensive ethics and compliance program to be effective.

At Rogue Logics, our consultant automates workflows to remove friction from key processes like policy creation review, approval, and distribution. Our security consulting team will conduct an annual review of all corporate policies; to meet your business needs and reflect current employment and benefits laws.

Along with compliance-related policies, your annual inventory should assess internal guidelines procedures, including

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We Fulfill Certifications Requirements For All Your Compliance Needs, Including:
It’s time to quit old-school penetrating testing and take control of your intelligent and scalable security testing with Rogue Logics. Request a sample report or schedule a callback today.

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