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PCI DSS Compliance Certification

Get An Edge Over Every Business Deal With PCI DSS Compliance

Do you want to make your company’s debit cards and credit card transactions way more secure than before? Rogue Logics is here to help you. It is crucial to secure data against theft and malware to perform transactions without restriction. Yet, it is not easy to protect debit cards and credit cards against malicious activities, which is a primary concern for banks and organizations. The PCI DSS compliance program attempts to protect debit and credit card transactions from fraud and data theft. Although, it is necessary for every company that handles credit or debit card transactions. Rogue Logics can provide the most efficient services to various companies to make secured debit and credit card transactions.

Get Started With Rogue Logics

Rogue Logics is a trusted platform with thousands of satisfied business customers that are increasing rapidly in number. At Rogue Logics, we come up with PCI DSS compliance offers that will aid in winning the trust of your customers. Start your PCI DSS journey with Rogue Logics and make your credit card and debit card transactions fully secured and protected.

In an era of advanced technology, winning a deal is difficult if you lack your data security system. That is why having a PCI DSS compliance certification is a must requirement. Have you decided to get PCI DSS? Then take a step forward by joining hands with Rogue Logics and win over your competitors!

What Is PCI DSS Compliance?

When receiving, sending, processing, and storing credit card data, organizations must adhere to a set of 12 security standards known as PCI DSS compliance or payment card industry compliance. The PCI DSS is managed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, an independent organization established by the card networks in 2006.

The card networks and payment processors are responsible for enforcing these standards to ensure the safety of transactions. No matter how many card transactions are performed, every merchant must be PCI DSS compliant. Additionally, PCI DSS compliance certification is also thought to be the greatest technique to protect sensitive data and information, aiding firms in creating enduring and trustworthy relationships with their clients.

Who Requires PCI DSS Compliance?

Many people are not aware that they need PCI DSS compliance for their business setup. That is why they often become prey to malicious activities and lose money. Moreover, PCI DSS is not just meant for banks and huge business companies, it is also crucial for small businesses.

Even a small running store where a cardholder’s data is processed and transmitted requires PCI DSS compliance. With Rogue Logics PCI DSS compliance, you can rest assured about your assets because every transaction will be secured.

What Are The Demands For Small Companies To Get PCI DSS Compliance?

PCI DSS compliance demands several things from small firms to get started, which are enlisted below.

  • Manage firewalls
  • Maintain antivirus software
  • Assign unique IDs to each employee with computer access
  • Encrypted cardholder data

Rogue Logics assists small to large-scale businesses to become PCI DSS compliant. Not only that, we will help you understand PCI DSS implementation requirements, providing you an edge over the others to fully satisfy your customers.

4 Levels Of PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS compliance has four levels that are divided on the base of a cardholder’s transactional record. Distributors can work with their service providers to determine their degree of PCI DSS compliance or use reporting tools. Checking specific merchant levels for the credit card firms you use is recommended.

Perhaps the most important step you must take is determining your current PCI DSS compliance level if you want to be PCI DSS compliant and benefit from having a reliable brand. Let’s see each one of them!

1. PCI DSS Compliance Level I

For businesses that execute six million card transactions annually, Level 1 PCI DSS compliance is required. A PCI DSS Level 1 compliance needs an annual report from a certified security assessor (QSA) or an internal security assessor. In contrast, higher PCI DSS levels require completing a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

A QSA will conduct an audit onsite, whereas an ISA can be a member of your team who has received the necessary training to conduct an assessment and serve as a point of contact for external auditors. Level 1 merchants also need to get a penetration test at least once yearly. It is a form of cybersecurity assessment that will check your infrastructure for possible vulnerabilities.

2. PCI DSS Compliance Level II

Level 2 is meant for businesses with 1 million to 6 million card transactions yearly. Merchants who come under PCI DSS Level 2 must complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire rather than an onsite PCI DSS audit.

Moreover, there are several SAQs; thus, the number of questions you must answer may vary depending on how you will limit the audit’s scope. After that, network scanning will be performed with the submission of the AOC form.

3. PCI DSS Compliance Level III

PCI DSS compliance level 3 is meant for yearly 20,000 to 1 million transactions. Like Level 2, Level 3 PCI DSS certification applicants must finish an SAQ, run a quarterly network vulnerability scan, and submit an attestation compliance form.

Businesses of this level and below are not required to do a penetration test, yet doing so is still a good idea for security reasons. It is also significant to highlight that JCB International does not comply with Level 3 PCI standards.

4. PCI DSS Compliance Level IV

PCI DSS compliance level 4 is meant for businesses that have annual transactions below 20,000. It is the lowest level of audit in PCI DSS. Businesses requesting this audit scope must not have experienced data breaches or been the target of a hack that exposed cardholder data, in addition to basing it on the volume of transactions handled annually.

Level 4 standards might be easier to meet without a formal audit, but putting all the PCI DSS controls in place and keeping them up to date can still take a lot of time. The consumer must confirm in the questionnaire that they have put the necessary security policies, procedures, and tools following PCI DSS compliance.

Significant Benefits Of Being A PCI DSS Compliant

Being PCI DSS compliant can benefit a business in the long run. Ever wondered about the benefits of being PCI DSS compliant? Here we have explained some benefits that small to large-scale companies can obtain with the services of Rogue Logics.

1. Win The Trust Of Customers

With Rogue Logics assistance and PCI DSS compliance, it’s a guaranteed win game. A successful online business depends on trust. Clients should have faith in a firm delivering the actual goods they ordered and communicating and handling their payment information securely.

Another strategy for enhancing and safeguarding your reputation, one of your company’s most important assets, is to adhere to International standards for secure payments that are possible through PCI DSS compliance.

2. Match The Global Standards

The PCI DSS regulations were established by five of the biggest credit bureaus that are well-known and trustworthy in the world to guarantee that merchants adhere to minimum security standards when they store, process, and transmit cardholder data.

The level of protection that PCI DSS offers is mandatory for consumers before making a transaction. By achieving PCI DSS compliance, you can join other multinational shops and companies dedicated to data security and customer protection.

3. No Fear Of Data Breaches

A data breach is the biggest threat we face in everyday situations. Data compliance and management are crucial factors to consider when developing an IT infrastructure. If you process or store sensitive client data, that is more important than anything.

Each PCI DSS-compliant business is a less desirable target for cybercriminals since merchants must use stronger firewalls and encryption and aren’t allowed to store cardholder details. They won’t only have a tougher time breaking into your network, but also they’ll never be able to even find a trace of customers’ information.

4. Security Is The Priority

Security prioritizing is imperative. Isn’t it? No one wants to face the loss of their financial assets. That is why PCI DSS compliance focuses on securing your system in the best manner so you never have to worry.

Additionally, you require a comprehensive IT security policy that adapts to new threats and keeps an eye on your network for open vulnerabilities or outdated upgrades.

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  • Organization’s current state of PCI DSS compliance
  • Identification of gaps that need to be prioritized and remediated.
  • PCI compliance cost forecasting and budgeting justification and recommendations.
  • Detailed recommendations for gap remediation.

Why Should Rogue Logics Be Your Priority Over Others?

Rogue Logics is a trustworthy platform for all your security needs and upgrades. Our team will assist you in choosing which PCI DSS compliance is perfect for your business setup. Moreover we deal with all kinds of businesses ranging from small organizations to larger ones, with a 100% satisfactory rate of clients. We are better than the others because we offer unbeatable customer support service that includes:

  • Threat prevention
  • No fear of data breaches
  • Trustworthy platform
  • Data security against cyberattacks
  • Match the global standards of security
  • Provide guidance 24/7 to clients
  • Helps clients understand their needs & requirements according to their business setup

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