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Modern Data Architecture Consulting Services

From new tools supporting key data processes and workflows to bleeding-edge applications that allow users to extract value from data in more powerful ways, we implement all components of modern data architecture.

Data Audit

Get a comprehensive assessment of your data assets and environments to understand the health of platforms, capabilities, and how you can unlock the full potential of your data.

Data Catalog

Enable your team to find the data they need and understand where it comes from and how trustworthy it is with automated metadata collection, data management, and search capabilities.

Data Eco-System Setup

Design a superior data eco-system, that will make the difference for your business growth. We will guide you through all data decisions and regulatory challenges.

Real-time Analytics

Process data in real time to enable new business application, from accurate-to-the-second predictions to customer behavioral analytics, and utilization of IoT data.

Data Migration

Achieve scalability and speed with migration of data workflows to the cloud. We will design a tailored migration plan that will detail environments, training, and going live.

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We design the best-fit solution based on best practices

We listen to your data challenges and learn your business. Then we design the best-fit solution based on best practices in modern data architecture consulting services. This way we help you become a forward-looking data-driven enterprise that knows how to identify and exploit new sources of value and cultivate future opportunities.

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