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Virtual CISO (VCISO) Service

Why vCISO is Valuable for Your Business?

What is your information strategy? Where are you now? Where should you be, how will you measure progress, and how can you reach compliance with security regulations without compromising your business strategy and mission? Rogue logics Virtual CISO (VCISO) experts have the experience and the expertise to answer these questions. We help your enterprise build a security program that makes sense for you and your business.

Organizations hire fully trained and professionally experienced virtual CISOs to manage security and compliance programs. A VCISO brings benefits from having knowledge and experience with numerous organizations and across all aspects of the economy.

Why vCISO From Rogue Logics?

Beginning with understanding your business and the current service of your security posture, we’ll construct a long-term roadmap of actionable recommendations. These will help the process of improvement and measure your progress along the way.

Real experts are driving our proven progress. The vCISO relationship succeeds when it goes beyond the mechanics of information security. We are an extension of your team, a trusted associate to support you and your team as your business evolves.

Rogue Logics VCISO and our entire team of domain experts are ready to serve whether you’re starting from square one or ready to reach the next level or polishing an established security program,

Best Practices

Some of the best practices are:

  • Document the processes for vendor contract management within your vendor management program.
  • Plan the negotiation and strategy before vendor engagement.
  • Identify all areas of the organization involved in the contract management process.
  • Negotiation of the term of the agreement, our officer understands all the regulatory requirements specific to your organization.
  • Actively manage the delivery of the product or service.
  • Understanding of contract management that does not end with contract signing and that your enterprise must manage ongoing vendor relationships to include additional material to the agreement.
  • Managing the risk that has been identified during the contract management process.
  • Apprehension of teams surrounding the renewal and termination provisions of the contract.
  • Understanding the terms surrounding the notifications, provisions, and remedy provisions of the agreement.

What Do We Offer?

Our VCISO offers the following services to our clients:

Third-party services

Our Virtual Chief Security Officer will provide all the necessary cyber security support one would expect from an internal senior at a fraction of the cost. Our vCISO will regularly conduct security assessments of your business to identify weakness and optimizes the business’s security.

Our VCISO will review an information security strategy that includes third-party services and the development of different policies, such as security policies, procedures, and controls.

Developing Risk Management Strategy

Part of risk and threat management is assessing what you have as a risk and developing a plan to address that risk on an ongoing basis. Our VCISO will make strategies that will control, manage and shepherd along during the evolution of your organization and your security program.

Cyber security is more than something you do. Rogue Logics approaches it as a way of thinking, and a risk assessment is a good starting point. This approach is a blend of best practices to understand what it takes to secure compliance and build a resilient cyber program while enabling productivity and success of the business processes.

Managing Contractor, Vendors

Our Virtual CISO manages all teams, employees, contractors, and vendors involved within the IT security domain. Our virtual security officers have some best practices that will help you reduce risk and meet regulatory expectations.

Always note that having processes for contract creation, execution and analysis can ultimately benefit you financially. Having better service delivery can help you manage your risk to your organization.

Assisting In Recruiting IT Personal

At Rogue Logics, our highly qualified VCISO upskill your developers and security resource. These are essential to building strong information security management.

Our goal is to train internal resources and be able to cover fundamental security purposes and services to have functional security management.

VCISO also helps enterprises recruit new employees and IT engineers with the benefit of training them for company culture. At Rogue Logics, VCISO service is coupled with deep knowledge and depth of cyber security experience and expertise to make effective decisions regarding the consumer’s cyber security issues. A good VCISO understands both the business objectives and the technology. Its job is to help bridge the gap between the service provider and the client.

Planning Security Testing

At Rogue Logics, our Virtual security officer plans and scheme different evaluation and security testing through the compliance function and internal auditing. With the increased regulatory requirements on firms today, multiple challenges are arising in the industry.

Regulatory agencies are interested in compliance control, compliance program, and decision-making. Here at Rogue Logics, your virtual CISO will be dedicated and will prove to be a trusted advisor for your business. It will provide the hands-on skills and experience to deliver the specific tasks you need to meet your risk and compliance objectives.

Constantly Updating Cyber Security Strategies

Rogue Logics VCISO service will help your organization by persistently updating security policies and strategies by leveraging new technologies and threat intelligence.

Our Virtual CISO service will give your business all of the information and cyber security governance, risk, and compliance resources your organization needs on demand. Our virtual CISO will act as a dedicated and trusted advisor to your enterprises, providing them with hand on skills and experience to deliver specific tasks.

Security threats are always a primary threat to all types of businesses. Our VCISO service will ensure that your company is updated with the correct security policies and strategies concerning new technological threats.

Some of the security policies our service provides are:

  1. Evaluation of current technology in the company
  2. Selecting the correct security framework
  3. Creation of risk management plans
  4. Evaluations of security strategies
  5. Setting the security goals for threat analysis

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

Here at Rogue logics, our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer will ensure that there are response and recovery plans. We guarantee that business continuity plans are in place and tested according to various cyber incidents for your organization.

Response and recovery plans are crucial for your company because they dictate how an organization is going to respond to certain types of cyber events when they happen. Our service provider will help set these plans ahead of a cyber event. This will allow us to make the right decisions when an event occurs.

Not having plans will usually cause people not to understand their roles and responsibilities. They can cause an event last longer once it’s already taken place.

Protection of Intellectual Property

One of the primary responsibilities of a CISO is to secure an organization’s digital assistance. Digital assets include:

  1. Confidential Information
  2. Patent technology
  3. Proprietary Source Code
  4. Corporate intellectual property

Our VCISO service will help our clients continually by protecting their intellectual property through different security policies and strategies.

Respond to breaches and Vulnerabilities

No organization can be too prepared for a data breach. Cyber attacks can mean a significant financial loss, and the potential theft of valuable and sensitive information can cause irreparable damage to a company’s brand and customer confidence. Our cyber security professionals are trained for these types of potential cyber events by protecting the client’s organization from ever-evolving threats.

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