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How Can The New OWASP Top 10 Changes Affect You And Your Business?

What Are OWASP and OWASP Top 10?

OWASP, which stands for Open Web Application Security Project is a profitless organization that works globally. As its name indicate, it works for the security of your web application. The fundamental concept of OWSAP is to make all of its resources readily available and accessible, enabling users to increase their security the way they want.

OWASP Top 10 is said to be the most well-known project of OWASP. The OWASP top 10 is a catalog that enlisted the most common ten vulnerabilities discovered through research. It is a frequently updated report highlighting security issues for your web application security that helps you to identify security problems in your application.

OWASP Top 10 Increases Security

The new top ten list contains many different categories, and it will make a significant difference. Thus this will acknowledge that the industry needs to advance in some areas and initiate a more secure application design.

Due to secure design guidelines not being accurately followed from the beginning, the software is subject to numerous risks. Companies must check that every bit of software they use comes from reliable suppliers, and they should choose supply chain tools to look for security flaws.


Effects Of Standardized Threat Identification Systems

A07:2021 is a new category that is part of the recent update. As its name indicates, it is ranked seventh on the list. However, this is not an entirely new category as it is just a simple renaming of A02:2017- Broken Authentication that was earlier ranked second on the list.

In this new category, there is an inclusion of additional CWEs which deal with problems related to threat identification.

New Approach For Current And Emerging Threats

To gain a better understanding of present and potential threats, OWASP approached their research differently this time around. The users provided over 1.5 million data points for the security threats they recognized. Before deciding their overall position, OWASP classified the data and allocated an impact score. 

OWASP also incorporated data from security experts’ surveys about new threats. With its updated approach, OWASP is able to provide a thorough insight into the most significant present and future threats.

Cryptographic Failures Has Risen A Notch

Since it was not previously on the list, A02-2021 Cryptographic Failure is the current label for the list. Basically, the A03-2017 Sensitive Data Exposure now goes by this name. The older concept was more into general symptoms than a primary factor.

However, the new term focuses more specifically on the rising popularity of blockchain technology and digital currency. With more people depending on cryptography, we should prefer emphasizing cryptographic failures and ways to deal with them.

Final Thoughts

The OWASP Top Ten is a significant step forward. In light of OWASP’s advancements in security, businesses must effectively reassess their web security. Companies can avoid numerous attacks by identifying security earlier in the application design process. However, they must also implement strong, tested, and scalable security measures.

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