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Phishing Attacks – How to Prevent Them?

Coming across a phishing attack and getting played by it is a common thing now. Sometimes the trick is played so well that one feels helpless and cannot resist clicking the link provided. Every year so many innocent people get scammed by such fraudsters. This type of cyber attack is increasing at an alarming rate. The scammers use countless ways to lure people in. Some of the popular ways in which phishing attacks are attempted include

Deceptive Phishing

It is the type of phishing in which the criminals masquerade a legitimate company and then steal the employers’ data or login credentials. They do this by sending emails with legal links, malicious and benign codes, and sometimes by modifying means logos. Innocent people quickly fell prey to them.

One of the most famous examples of this type of phishing attack is Paypal account hacking. The attackers send an email with a link and instruct the target person to open it in order to fix a disparity with their account. The link instead leads them to a fraud website that looks exactly like PayPal’s login page. People unknowingly put their credentials which then get breached, and attackers can exploit that information in any way they want to.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is not targeted to a specific person but is done on everybody and anybody. The fraudsters send a link to as many recipients as they want, and then they sit back and wait for the people to fall prey to them. Whoever clicks has to pay. The technique is the same, just as deceptive phishing. A URL or a link is sent with the purpose that the other person will open it and end up dropping the important information.

The spear phishers portray themselves as they belong to the same company as yours. The email is often imitated to be from the finance department. The poor people who open the link end up losing all their money.


Whaling is a phishing technique attempted specifically on CEOs of reputable companies or anybody with fame and money. In this case, phishers attack with complete preparation and research. A person with a lot of money must also have a lot of significant and in-power relations. That is why whaling is the riskiest and vulnerable type of phishing attack. Attackers use all their time and energy for such high-value targets, and the success rate of this type of phishing attack is 10%. 

Role of Cybersecurity Companies

Bigger high-value generating firms should hire a cybersecurity company. The company will actively play its part and keep a check of any potential phishing attack. They avoid such attempts and keep your firm and people belonging to its safe.

If somebody gets scammed by phishing attackers, there are hundreds of Cybersecurity companies out there to assist you with your loss. These companies have IT experts who can decode the URLs and track where a specific mail came from. The culprits are exposed as soon as they are found so that others can stay protected from them.

Rogue Logics provides in-depth security services for the assessment and protection of your application, data, and infrastructure against potential threats on-prem or in the cloud. 

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