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Top 5 Cloud Vulnerabilities You Should Know

Have you ever thought about why people create a cybersecurity strategy while using cloud computing? Well, that’s what most people wonder in the field of business. If you believe that cloud computing can lower the workload by revolutionizing their digital transformations without attacking the data, we are afraid you are wrong. What’s the reason behind it?

The cloud has a highly complex infrastructure, and where there is something complex, security issues are pretty specific. Multiple vulnerabilities can be detected in the cloud; shared tendency vulnerabilities, supply chain vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, poor access control.

So does it mean that cloud provides more threat than benefit? No, that’s not the case! You can always take advantage of cloud computing, but all you have to do is know how to deal with all these vulnerabilities. This article will discuss some of the common vulnerabilities and their solutions for your better understanding.

Let us get started!

1.     Outages

 Highly publicized cloud outages are a result of failed cloud infrastructure. Configuration oversights and hardware problems are caused by such outages, making the cloud vulnerable and impair the availability of cloud resources. Recovering from the attack is not easy for most people in business. Hence, the best one can do here is to plan previously for such cases so that workout loads cannot be affected badly.

2.     Violations

The only person accountable for the security of the cloud and can confirm that the cloud is vulnerable is the user himself. Don’t believe me? Let me tell you how! When it comes to separating data and customer resources, maintaining all the operations and integrity becomes the customer’s responsibility. Access controls, configuration, and data security, everything is in the hands of the users, and a single mistake can cause a lot of vulnerability.

3.     Insecure APIs

Despite the information of internal workings of others’ code, APIs are commonly used by unrelated software products.  API can easily allow the public users to view the company’s private data and information without any authorization or proper authentication. API can grant them access to sensitive information, whether they are your business partners or other outside developers. Hence, APIs are an enormous threat to most modern businesses nowadays. Also, it proves that the cloud is vulnerable despite being rewarding.

4.     Poor Access Control

Getting around inferior authorization methods is what most unauthorized are looking for. More interestingly, it is possible by taking advantage of Poor access control. How is that possible? Guessing credentials is easy when the password is weak and straightforward; however, a strong password will strengthen the access control. Now, what do we mean by a strong password? Frequent password changes, mixing capitalization, and adding numbers can make the access control strong and less approachable.

5.     Misconfigurations

When it comes to cybercriminal’s stolen data, cloud storage is one of the most substantial resources. Misconfiguration of cloud storage has made many companies pay the high cost as any configuration error can disclose the private data or change it automatically.

Only the users can access the configuration settings; hence, if the user isn’t a master in this field, multiple misconfigurations, including lack of access restrictions and AWS security group misconfiguration, can occur.

How To Prevent Such Vulnerabilities?

We hope that you have understood that the cloud is vulnerable when it comes to usage. But can we prevent the workout loads from these vulnerabilities?

Let us see! Implementing a comprehensive intrusion detection system and encryption of the data can quickly help the customers deal with these vulnerabilities. WAF, also known as Web Application Firewall, can protect the data from multiple malicious attacks and vulnerabilities.

Rogue Logics provides in-depth security services for the assessment and protection of your application, data, and infrastructure against potential threats on-prem or in the cloud.

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