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What Do You Need To Earn The CCIE Security Certification?

Being an IT expert isn’t an easy endeavor. If you think about it this way, it is easy to imagine how difficult it would be to be a guru in the field of experts. One way that you can accomplish that is by taking one of the many Cisco CCIE examinations. The CCIE exam is widely considered among the most challenging tests that a person could take; that’s one of the main reasons that the CCIE security certification is thought to be one of the most highly regarded ones in the field of networking.

The certification we’ll be discussing today is the CCIE Security certification. Before we even get into the requirements you’ll need to meet if you want to obtain this certification, it is necessary to discuss what the certificate is and how you can earn it. Therefore, with no further delay, we’ll get going.

CCIE Security Certification

What Is CCIE Security Certification?

We’ve already discussed, CCIE Security Certification is one of the most sought-after designations within the IT industry. Only the absolute most skilled in the field of security for networks can claim this designation. Only those with the required knowledge, skills, and experience in the field of networking are eligible to be a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.

They can independently develop, design, engineer, implement, support, and troubleshoot a wide range of Cisco security solutions and technologies. In addition to that, they’re knowledgeable about the most recent industry standards and procedures regarding the security of networks. To obtain this certification, you must be able to pass a tough test.

Pass The Exam And Earn The CCIE Security Certification?

Since this isn’t in any way an easy task, We’ve decided to offer aid and ensure you understand the things you’ll need for obtaining this certificate.

1. Time

The time you spend with your family will be among the most important assets you have for you on this journey. You’ll have to be a diligent student and work even more. To earn this certificate, it is necessary to devote between one to two thousand hours covering every aspect of networking to pass the exam. It’s not easy and probably won’t be exciting but in the final, it will be worth the effort. If you are able, make it clear on your schedule and commit your time and energy to this cause and be ready to give up social activities for the moment.

2. Money

Like any other prestigious certification or college diploma, it costs money to acquire it. Cisco’s certification isn’t in any way inexpensive. The good thing is that it’s up to you to decide how much you’ll spend. While there’s no definitive answer to the question of the total amount the above will run, it is possible to provide you with an approximate ballpark.

The cost of the test for the exam is between $2050 and $450 for the exam written and $1600 for the lab session. But, there are only a few testing centers all over the world, which means you must include travel costs. In addition to that, you’ll need tutors laboratory practice, study materials, and so on. In reality, if you pass on the first attempt it’s about 8000 dollars in costs.

3. Tutors

Although you could do it all by yourself, the truth is that you might need some assistance. Assistance through everything is highly appreciated If you talk to someone who has experienced this. A Cisco-certified Trainer will help greatly. Not only do they have been through the entire process and come out victorious, but they will also direct at the proper direction to inspire to keep you on track and help you remain on the right path and never lose sight of the end objective.

4. Study Materials & Practice Tests

The best thing concerning IT is that it’s constantly evolving. There’s no textbook that can be sufficient to be able to pass this exam. You’ll need a wide range number of texts and research documents regarding the subject to ensure that you do not fail. Take the most books you are able to and don’t rely on just one source of information.

To top it all off it is possible to immensely benefit from practice tests. These tests will help ensure that you are clear on what you are getting into, so you don’t fall by surprise. Trainers can also assist you through these tests since they’ve been through them.

5. Lab Practice

Then, we get to the most crucial thing which is lab practice. If you do not put in the work and practice in the lab, it is certain you’ll not be able to pass the final test. If you choose to take the lab training program or build your own lab, it’s completely your choice. The only difference is the way you want to study and apply.

In the case of courses, you can expect plenty of time to practice every day as well as the possibility to consult with others if you’re stuck. In the home lab, On the other hand, there is no one other than yourself to count on, however, you are able to take your time and practice the length of time you like.


As you can see, CCIEs are no joke. They are a huge commitment of sacrifices, hard work, and commitment. We hope we’ve managed to assist you by giving you tips to get closer to achieving your objective.

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