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5 Best Ways to Elevate Cyber Security At Private Equity and VC Firms

Cyber security is a vital element for every business. It is particularly crucial for companies and firms because the businesses we invest in are fast-growing, constantly evolving, and introducing new processes entering new markets.

Private equity is a great platform to help businesses scale and grow. But at the same time, these firms and equities are facing some threats known as cyber war. Such attacks on the firms can lead to canceled deals, compromised market shares, and wide-scale company depletion. Moreover, highly confidential data can be compromised.

There are multiple ways to assist your cyber security, to help you fend off cyber threats.

1. Investing in Security Upgrades and Patches

Security upgrades are one of the most vital tools to help you with cyber threats. The main focus of these updates is patching present-day bugs, flaws, and glitches currently present in the system. It’s preferable to bear the cost of security updates rather than to pay for the repercussion of a security breach.

2. Recruitment of Ethical Security Hacker

The role of an ethical security hacker is to use his hacking skills to identify different security vulnerabilities in both software and hardware. Such ethical security hackers are also commonly known as white hat hackers. Recruited by many firms, the hackers improve a company’s security posture and patch different bugs and malware.

3. Authorization of Multifactor Authentication

Numerous firms and equities are now authorizing multifactor authentication to keep their credentials and resources secured. It is also referred to as (2FA) or 2-Factor authentication. The multifactor authentication adds a dual layer of protection that helps to verify that the primary user is accessing the credentials rather than some unauthorized user.

This authentication process makes it harder for hackers to access personal devices or numerous accounts.

4. Upgrade your hardware

Like software/hardware also needs a defense mechanism. These microchips are connected devices that have access to communicate with the outside world. Many of them are not secure and are vulnerable because of the outdated computer hardware that may not even support modern software. Additionally, this old equipment is subject to wear and tear over time.

Although even having top-notch software measures present in your system’s old hardware can sabotage your IT security measures.

5. Cyber security hygiene

Almost 90 percent of all breaches are associated with employee elements. The fact that only one mistake from an untrained employee can result in the whole system tumbling down. PE, VCs should assure that their employees are compliant and in sync with the security practices. The individuals should perform different actions and methods to maintain the health and security of the credentials, networks, and data.

Final Thoughts

Personal equity and VCs should never compromise on security. Especially when entering the era of cyber war. Stakes are high as well as the market is volatile. One bad move, and it could be all over for these firms. In the end, the whole concept is to build a security protocol that rotates around the entire portfolio and makes the resources and accounts protected.  

Rogue Logics provides in-depth security services for the assessment and protection of your application, data, and infrastructure against potential threats on-prem or in the cloud. Want a consultation with the professionals at Rogue Logics? Contact us and get a free quote.

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