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Risk & Compliance

As the global regulatory environment continues to evolve, forcing changes across your organization, keeping up with various compliance standards and frameworks can become daunting and also exposes your organization to penalties related to non-compliances.Rogue Logics Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Services help organizations address the issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management and compliance from the perspective of information technology and cybersecurity. We can help your organization identify, remediate, monitor, and manage enterprise IT security risk, facilitate decision making on organizational security strategy and help manage related costs. Our GRC team performs gap assessments against various cybersecurity frameworks and compliance standards to help you gauge the current state of your compliance with these standards and frameworks. For organisations looking to comply with any of the compliance standards we provide readiness services.

The services we offer are:

Compliance Advisory
Compliance Certification
Post Compliance Support
Compliance Audit

Our Strength Comes From Listening Carefully

Today, businesses raise their dependence on information technology such as Cloud and IoT devices. Their cyber risk continues to rise. A vulnerability program can help identify weaknesses before they become problems.

95% of all cyber-attacks exploit known vulnerabilities, and with 15000 new vulnerabilities discovered each year, constant vigilance is necessary to evaluate IT security posture and weaknesses to appropriately respond.

Best Assistance

The ever-changing landscape of regulations can be overwhelming, especially for Healthcare. We help you navigate complex compliance requirements and ensure adherence.

Expert Supervision

Relying on third-party vendors introduces additional security risks. Our expertise helps you assess vendor security posture and mitigate potential threats.

Solution-Oriented Business

Healthcare often deals with highly sensitive data. We offer robust data security solutions to protect patient information, financial records, and other critical assets.

With Rogue Logics’ GRC Services your organization gets to:
  • Identify and prioritize security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Identify maturity level of existing security controls
  • Enhance enterprise security policies, procedures and adopt best practices
  • Meet mandatory compliance requirements
  • Justify security investments
  • Quickly establish trust with customers and other stakeholders
Compliance Process

A compliance process is a set of procedures designed to ensure an organization adheres to specific rules and regulations.

These rules can be internal, set by the company itself, or external, mandated by a governing body.

Post Compliance Support

Getting compliance certification is of course the key but, equally important is making sure that you remain compliant once certified. All procedures and processes should remain up-to-date and the process should be as much automated as possible to reduce any chance of error.

Our Post Compliance services help you accomplish all that and more.

Person Counting Cash Money
Internal Audit

While Rogue Logics prepares organizations for the compliance certification, as part of the process, our team will work with the clients team to perform a complimentary internal audit towards the end of the compliance prep phase to ensure that there is a 99.9% chance of success. This helps with anything that falls through the cracks and helps save time and money.

Compliance Certification

Rogue Logics can help with the following certifications/standards

  1. ISO 27001 Adoption, Implementation and Certification Readiness Service
  2. SOC-2 Gap Assessment and Readiness Service for Service Organizations
  3. HITRUST Gap Assessment & Compliance Readiness Service
  4. HIPAA Gap Assessment & Compliance Readiness Services
  5. PCI DSS Gap Assessment Services
    Information Security Risk Management Framework
  6. GDPR Compliance
  7. CCPA Gap Assessment & Compliance Readiness Service
  8. Business Continuity, Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Planning Services
Compliance Advisory

Our team of advisors can help define the Compliance Program for your organization. We can help with the following:

Craft a Robust Compliance Program

We guide you through defining a program tailored to your specific industry and risk profile.

Empower Your Workforce

We deliver impactful training programs to educate your employees on compliance best practices.

Streamline Your Processes

Our experts identify opportunities to optimize existing processes for enhanced efficiency and compliance.

Develop Clear Policies and Procedures

We collaborate with you to create well-defined policies and procedures that ensure adherence to regulations.

Implement Effective Technology

Our team recommends the right technology tools to automate tasks, improve data security, and simplify compliance efforts.

Manage Your Budget

We help you create a realistic budget for your compliance program, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Chart a Clear Roadmap

We work with you to develop a strategic roadmap for successful implementation and ongoing maintenance of your compliance program.

Testimonials: Experience the Difference

Nothing completes the picture except real validation from real clients. See why our clients love us and why you need to engage us for your firm as well.

"Super friendly folks with superb security background."

When our website got breached, we had no idea what to do. We were referred to Rogue Logics and we have not looked back since. Super friendly folks with superb security background.
Stacy Adams
Cybersecurity Manager
"What sets them apart from others is their can do attitude"

Our lead developer just quit and we had a major release that needed to go out. Our frantic search lead us to this firm and I must say that what sets them apart from others is their can do attitude.
Allen Regnier
DevOps Manager
"After years of struggle, our code is super secure now."

We had serious security flaws in our core codebase. After years of struggle with web app malfunctions, we finally reached out to Rogue Logics and our code is super secure now.
Samuel Taylor
Threat Intelligence Analyst

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