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Apple’s macOS and iOS Aren’t Fully Safe as You Might Think…

The organizations have largely transitioned from Windows PC to Apple ecosystem with macOS and iOS. From one analysis, 55% of the workers in small to medium-sized businesses have Apple devices in their usage powered by Bring Your Own Device and Choose Your Own Device policies.

Apple and Security

There is one belief that is consistent with Apple users is the protection and security of their devices. A belief that these devices cannot be affected by malware or viruses. This is true that security standards on Apple are way higher than the ones on the Windows PC or Android, but this is also true that these measures do not ensure 100% security of data. Complete data security demands integration of central IT managed security systems and these devices to save from future threats.

Ransomware can be regarded as the most costly data threat for any business. The ransomware includes blocking data access or the threat to publish victim data unless a ransom is paid. The recent case of the JBS meat processing company is a common example of ransomware and how companies, from small to large sizes, are equal targets of these attacks. The ransomware is also much more difficult to detect than other types of attacks and requires human aid in the detection process. The ransomware can affect anyone, and the most important step in this regard is the education of employees.

Moreover, data leaks due to insecure data backups are common. Recently, a salesperson informed Mercedes-Benz that sensitive personal data on cloud storage had been inadvertently made available to less than 1000 Mercedes-Benz customers and prospective buyers.

Holistic Approach to Data Protection

Security of business data requires a holistic approach to the protection of data. One of the main approaches is to make data available and accessible to all. This can be done by regular data backup. While some might opt for iCloud for backing up data as it is the most convenient method out there, it is surely not a conscious decision. Moreover, the data storage on iCloud does not resonate with the master IT and corporate data protection responsibilities.

Moreover, some companies use Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Dropbox, and other similar services to protect their software-as-a-service platform. In the case of Apple, iCloud is a go-to option for a native backup option. But these options do not provide the full coverage of data. Additional security measures are required for secure data backups for all types of data and platforms. Endpoint backups are one reliable method in which a secondary copy of data backup is stored on another device or network to prevent data loss.

Solutions for Endpoint Management

The endpoint data protection and management are provided by the IT and operations team, but they often struggle with the deployment and configuration of corporate devices. However, Apple has announced business features that make it easier to deploy and manage Apple devices connected to a network using Mobile Device Management Services or MDM. These services include Jamf or Intune, and this software allows the saving of time in mixed or hybrid environments. Companies using apple devices only require software designed especially for macOS and iOS for providing a nice experience to the employees.

These MDMs allow the installation of native Apple apps and endpoint agents remotely in macOS and iOS. The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the remote work and increased the demands for MDMs and remote installation of security software.

Consultation with Cloud Service Provider

This requires a consultation with the cloud service providers who are providing endpoint backup solutions. These service providers are apt to make your whole IT framework better and allow data protection for macOS, iOS, and Windows users, thus increasing productivity and decreasing threats.

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