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Top Eight Predictions By Gartner; How Cybersecurity Will Affect Companies?

According to Gartner researchers, businesses experience new security concerns when they become less centralized. Thus, that necessitates new approaches to managing threats, changing the core structure of computer security.

Based on its ongoing analysis of security-related developments affecting organizations and individuals worldwide, Gartner recently published its “Top Eight Cybersecurity Predictions for the year 2022–23.”

1. Laws Requiring Companies To Protect Consumers’ Privacy

By 2023, 5 billion people and over 70% of the world’s GDP will be covered by legislation mandating businesses to respect consumers’ privacy rights.

It is not an unexpected prediction given the spike in the number of individuals and organizations handling critical business online and the need for increased privacy.

2. Access Through Single Vendor SSE Platform

According to Gartner, until 2025, 80% of businesses will implement a plan to consolidate access to the online, cloud, and private applications through a single vendor’s SSE system.

People are increasingly dissatisfied with having to cope with numerous security and other tech companies, so in the end, this is about consolidation and optimization.

3. Zero Trust As A Starting Point

According to Gartner, zero trust is not a brand-new security solution, but instead, it is a comprehensive set of guidelines for system access and cybersecurity.

By 2025, 60 percent of enterprises will use zero trust as their security baseline. More than half won’t experience the advantages.

4. Cybersecurity Risk Management

Gartner believes by 2025, 60% of companies will see cybersecurity risk as their primary consideration when engaging in business with third parties.

Companies will begin to enforce cybersecurity risk as a critical consideration ranging from easy monitoring to assessment for mergers and acquisitions.

5. Legislation To Regulate Ransomware

Compared to 2021, under 1% of individual nations will implement legislation governing ransomware payments, charges, and discussions by 2025.

Gartner predicts that nations will start making more efforts to reduce the money lost from ransomware charges. As the frequency of ransomware attacks rises yearly. 

6. Weaponized Operational Technology

By 2025, malicious actors will have effectively weaponized operational technology settings to cause human deaths.

According to Gartner, “weaponized” operational technology (OT) strikes industries, hospitals, utilities, and other crucial physical places. Therefore, this will result in real casualties and environmental harm in the years to come.

7. Culture of Organizational Resilience

According to Gartner, in 2025, seventy percent of the total CEOs will demand a culture of organizational support and resilience to withstand concurrent risks such as cybercrime, catastrophic weather disasters, civil conflict, and political disturbances.

Organizational resilience will reportedly become an essential strategic requirement for leaders.

8. Change In Contracts

According to Gartner, in 2026, the work contracts of fifty percent of C-level administrators will include risk-related performance objectives.

Gartner predicts a transfer of formal responsibility for managing cybersecurity threats away from the security leader and toward senior business leaders.

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