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How to Survive a Ransomware Attack – A Guide

A ransomware attack is becoming more common day by day. It is a worrying reality of modern life. Corporate analysts predict that in the year 2025, 75 percent of the organizations will have experienced one or perhaps more attacks. Thus this will result in estimated recovery expenses of $1.85 million and can cause possible harm like the disruption of vital services.

However, defense strategies alone are not sufficient. Your company must be ready and quick to adapt to compete against a ransomware attack with optimism. This survival guide will give you the information you need to protect yourself and your company and make you start planning for any future attack.

• Incident Plan

Once you have encountered a ransomware attack, your company needs to have an incident plan ready. The company should stick to a well-planned playbook. Everyone within the organization or business should understand and be aware of their respective roles and responsibilities. Your strategical plan should provide sufficient detail and flexibility that will aid your computer security team in discovering and understanding the attack.

• Find the Root Cause And Then Eradicate

Your cyber-team needs to investigate everything about the attack. The team should figure out how it all happened and what we can do to manage and stop the attack as soon as possible. The business must immediately eliminate or fix any vulnerabilities that enabled the exploit to succeed once the ultimate cause has been identified and contained. After that, the organization can start its recovery process.

• Engage With Law Enforcement and Legal Counsel

Simultaneously, a company dealing with such cyberattacks should communicate with law enforcement. They will help to determine the scope of the breach and will also advise the organization on how to move ahead. Organizations should also get in touch with internal legal advisors and hire outside legal counsel specializing in cyber defense and incident management.

• Whether To Pay The Ransom or Not?

To determine the situation of the event and the company’s capacity to react and recover on time, the cyber defense team should speak with executive management. The cyber defense team must find out whether the data is recoverable or not. If the data cannot be retrieved, it is better to pay the ransom money.

ransomware attack

Consequently, if the company has taken adequate security precautions and preventive actions to identify and stop the ransomware attack, giving the ransom money can be easily avoided.  

• Review Overall Performance

Review everything from security controls to IRP evaluation of your organization. Learn from past experiences and mistakes and train your staff. It is best to hire someone from a third party.

It might be beneficial to get an outside perspective on what has gone wrong and what could have been done more effectively. Your organization must have the appropriate control measures to defend itself against an attack.

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