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The Role Of Cybersecurity In Automotive Industry

Like other industries, the automotive industry is also dependent on modern technology. The automotive industry is becoming reliant on computer technology to supply whole performance and distinguishing features required of its products.

The shift by numerous automakers to electronic vehicles has transformed the business, improving automobile connectivity and intelligence.

Electronic vehicles (EVs) are becoming more dependent on application software for operations as they get more connected. Therefore, this results in additional features and capabilities to improve the driving experience.

Cybersecurity In Automotive Industry

Cybersecurity in the automotive industry comprises both information technology and vehicle security. Wireless technologies have various benefits, but they also face some problems and challenges.

As a result, the automobile sector must carefully examine cybersecurity in the future. Software engineers must encode and secure all the remote interactions that can lead to any illegal access to someone’s automobile systems.

Car software, cloud services, physical and remote access, design platforms, and wireless systems such as Bluetooth and WiFi are highly on target.

Over the previous several years, numerous technical flaws and vulnerabilities related to connected cars. In some situations, the attackers informed OEMs of their discoveries to assist them in resolving the issues before malevolent attackers could cause harm.

There are currently just a few restricted standards and recommendations for particular technical methods for protecting hardware and software in cars. 

The Challenges

Automobiles today have more electronics and coding than ever before. Connected cars collect information from multiple 200 different sensors throughout the vehicle. It can track everything, from the vehicle’s whereabouts to the user’s driving patterns.

Connected cars are linked to an infrastructure which is usually the Cloud. It is a risk for automobiles to be connected to the infrastructure. The more cars are connected to the infrastructure, the larger the attack surface becomes.

cybersecurity in automotive industry

The hackers aim for the infrastructure to obtain all of the secret information. As a result, the attackers get sensitive data and use it for exploitation. Thus this has raised risks, as these systems are open to outside exploitation.

These flaws highlight the necessity of vehicle security approaches that improve both digital and electrical systems. The consequences can be catastrophic in the automobile industry, ranging from the risk of a moderate to severe injury or even death if a safety-related feature is disrupted.


Software is becoming increasingly significant in the automotive industry. As computer technology advances and becomes more powerful and functional, software application is being incorporated into automotive designs throughout every step of development.

Cybersecurity in the automotive industry is the ultimate safety for your in-vehicle software. A typical EV has over 1 billion lines of code based on the other features it possesses. It is now more essential than ever to safeguard road cars from cybersecurity attacks.

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