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The Top 4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Virtual CISO

Technology provides businesses to grasp their resources in many functional ways. In this modern-day, technology is a vital part of the business model. Your organization may have the right amount of cash flow and capital income. However, this digital era has its cons, such as data vulnerability and cyber attacks. Virtual CISO, also known as the Chief information security officer, is the executive responsible for an organization’s information security. Information security is a holistic culture under which we have cyber security.

There is a subset of CISO roles known as vCISO (virtual CISO) or fractional CISO. Virtual CISO service gives your business all of the information and cyber security governance, compliance resources, and risk.

Signs Your Company Needs to Hire a Virtual CISO (vCISO)

1. Budget Restraints

In small and medium businesses, budgets are always tight, and there is limited capital income. CISOs, are in demand since the rise of cyber-attacks and data breaches, and a full-time CISO will cost you a fortune to hire them. VCISO is designed to serve as a low-cost option for a small to medium-sized business that does not have the resources to hire a full-time CISO. 

The virtual CISO will have professional expertise and different types of software. Having a virtual CISO is like having an entire team of security experts on staff simultaneously without increasing your head count.

You don’t need a virtual CISO full-time; you can have that person available for a fixed number of hours a week, month, or even on retainer. The virtual CISO will be present most of the time so that they become knowledgeable about how the operations work and how security can be best for your organization.

2. Regulators Requirements

In the United States of America, definite standards and regulations are set for companies to have a qualified CISO on their team. Since the regulators require you to hire a CISO, their cost and energy of them are challenging.

A virtual CISO will suffice to meet the requirements of your regulator at the earliest. Also, the vCiso service providers put forward an exceptional resource to e that everything is provided for in terms of compliance, risk management, operations, and data protection.

Virtual CISO - vCISO

3. The Threat of Security Breach

Security threats are always a primary threat to all types of businesses. The primary goals of hackers are to cyber attack small to medium size organizations. With hundreds and thousands of cyber attacks daily, these organizations need services to protect them.

A virtual CISO will deliver strategic activities such as identifying, locating, and classifying information assets. The person will also conduct threat and risk assessments. You can also use this service as an on-demand security team to deliver tasks. Such as vulnerability scans, executing simulated social engineering and phishing attacks, and conducting internal security audits.

4. Limited Security Employees

Most companies nowadays lack dedicated internal employees for cyber security. You can hire VCISO to fill the gaps to offer you protection if your company doesn’t have a CSO Chief Security officer or the desired security employee,

Moreover, a VCISO will commit more time to monitor and keep an eye on the company’s networks. Your VCISO can do the work of both the security employee and the role of the CSO while ensuring a safe and functional business. 


Your virtual CISO will act as a dedicated and trusted advisor to your business, providing the hands-on skills and experience to deliver the specific tasks you need to meet your risk and compliance objectives.

Rogue Logics provides in-depth security services for the assessment and protection of your application, data, and infrastructure against potential threats on-prem or in the cloud. Want a consultation with the professionals at Rogue Logics? Contact us and get a free quote.

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