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Top 5 Ways HITRUST Prevents Breaches

HITRUST, also known as Health Information Trust Alliance, was founded in 2007 to support organizations in all sectors. It is filled with industry vanguards from all sides: prayers, providers, medical device firms, and other stakeholders. In fact, according to HITRUST, 81 percent of hospitals and health systems and 83 percent of health plans utilize the HITRUST CSF.

HITRUST advocates for healthcare organizations and helps spearhead policy. It also published a crucial cyber security blueprint that pools from others: like CIS, COBIT, and NIST, among others. HITRUST is a best hits collector, distilling a framework from several great artists. It comes with 13 control categories that we can bundle into five chunks.

  • User Security
  • Asset Security
  • Data Security
  • Solidify Business Associate Relationship
  • Reliability

1. User Security

Regarding user security, HITRUST provides policy guidance that spans the user’s lifecycle: from onboarding, provisioning, authorizing, authenticating, and de-provisioning users. HITRUST gives us a solid step toward cyber resilience by controlling who and in what circumstances, accesses PHI ad other sensitive information.

2. Asset Security    

Asset security is similar to the other frameworks that start with ‘Assets Intelligence’ to validate resources and confirm their security posture. Controls, configurations, apps, and agents, when calibrated for max security, you can say that the device has good hygiene. Good hygiene refers to practices that user applies to maintain the system’s health and improve cyber hygiene.

3. Data Security

Data security includes validating data integrity by looking at inputs and outputs and monitoring data protection to spot problems and mitigate risk. In a security community, the IT industry is witnessing a tectonic shift back to the fundamentals, HITRUST framework is one such example. By applying these controls, healthcare organizations can leap stronger cyber resilience.

4. Solidification of Business Associate Relationship

Organizations and firms should trust their sellers, and customers must trust their health professionals and providers. HITRUST has created a comprehensive framework that self-regulates and provides diligence. It has committed its users and to people who have adopted the framework as they update their framework year over year. Brand reputation goes up due to HITRUST certification because it increases trust with clients and partners.  

5. Reliability

HIPAA is a great foundation. It’s possible that all the companies which experienced data breaches were required to be “HIPAA compliant.” With a thoroughly verified, certified, and demonstrable security framework, HITRUST offers beyond expectations.


Consider HITRUST CSF Certification, the industry’s most trustworthy information assurance report, achieved by clarity and consistency. With HITRUST, service providers clarify your inner processes by streamlining IT management and making it more cost-effective. Since it is a structured program, it provides an instruction manual for successfully navigating security.


The ultimate goal of HITRUST is to effectively manage data, information risk, and compliance for businesses. The idea is to consolidate efforts and reduce the need for multiple reports. The process of HITRUST is time-consuming and takes prior preparation for a framework to ensure the safety of the user’s product. By applying the controls mentioned above, healthcare organizations can leap stronger cyber resilience. 

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