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Why do holidays put your company in danger of cyber attacks?

Holidays! Holidays! Who doesn’t look forward to the holidays? Most people’s holiday thoughts revolve around getting the ideal presents and making time to see loved ones throughout the holiday season, not how to defend themselves against cyber attacks.

However, remaining cyber-aware and secure should be at the top of everyone’s holiday to-do list. In truth, cyber crime is on the rise: hackers attack every 39 seconds, and they don’t stop for the holidays. Taking steps now can protect you from various cyber hazards such as frauds, hijacked bank accounts, identity theft, and more.

With the upcoming holidays throughout the world, organizations must remain watchful to defend themselves from various threats.

Business Security During The Holidays

Business risk rises even before the Holiday season. Employees become distracted by deadlines, festivities, and preparations, or they let their guard down when the workload slows down. It opens the door to errors or negligence, such as clicking on a shady website or leaving a computer unsecured.

Why do holidays put your company in danger of cyber attacks?

To counteract this, firms must guarantee that their employees are extra cautious as the year comes to a close. Education and awareness are also crucial in preventing phishing emails or rogue websites from giving hackers a backdoor into your business. During the break, even routine inspections of the buildings and IT systems might make a huge impact.

4 Basic Ways To Prevent Your Company From Cyberattacks

• Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats to today’s businesses and their data. Organizations should implement adequate security measures to defend themselves against ransomware, such as email screening for phishing, minimum privileged access, micro-segmentation, application white-list, and other security measures.

• Beware of Phishing Emails!

Phishing emails are a simple technique for attackers to infect organizations. Phishing emails are especially prevalent throughout the holidays, with flashing symbols, massive bargains, and well-known brand names tempting consumers in.

As a general guideline, avoid clicking on any links in emails, and if in doubt, contact the email’s stated sender to verify its authenticity.

• Ensure that your Security Systems are Up To Date

Employee training, firewall protection, anti-virus, anti-spam, wireless security, and online content filtration technologies should be all included in your company’s cybersecurity plan.

If you work in another industry that employs point-of-sale systems, you should be aware that these systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks. It might expose consumer data and do significant harm to businesses.

• Conduct Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Due to the increased workload, particularly over the holidays, your company’s staff are more vulnerable to phishing, social engineering, and even charity fraud. A training session might remind individuals to be vigilant about the information they read, preventing them from unintentionally opening a malicious link.

Employees must be aware of strange and suspicious communications or documents then report them to IT and security authorities.


It is vital to focus on cybersecurity throughout the year. Because cybercriminals are unlikely to take a day off, constant attention is required. When cybercriminals believe you are weak, they are ready to take advantage of you, whether through social engineering, phishing emails, or bogus charity websites.

These suggestions for preventing cyberattacks over the holidays will help you lessen the risk for your company.

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